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Way back in the winter of 1997, few souls met at the amphitheatre of BMC and in no time they found themselves bonded for life. They called themselves 'Zites', belonging to the ' Z ' Gang. ...Last Benches, Proxy attendances...Late Night movies, Long rides...Hostel fights, Ragging...Screwed up elections....These images conjure "Zites". This is a blog dedicated to the zites and their musings.


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Thursday, August 17, 2006

An Update !!!!!


I was supposed to put pen to paper (rather, ‘put fingers to keyboard’…yuck, that sounds creepy) for this blog and maintain it regularly. But, for various ‘interconnected’ reasons I could not even write a single post. (Laziness & procrastination top the list, Aren’t they interconnected !!!?)

This blog was conceived after going thro’ a similar blog from 1971 batch of BMC. Only change we like to bring in is to be more punctual in updating the information. (I’m positive here in spite of my laziness coz; they never updated their blog ).

In my first post I’ll like to update on the current whereabouts of our core members.

Teeyes, Currently pursuing MD Pharm in CMC, Vellore. Of late has become Mr Confused with lots of dilemmas & distractions.

Seeji, A strong follower of TS (literally) in his 2nd year MD Pharm in same CMC, Vellore. Last seen suffering from ABD (All-but-dissertation) syndrome.

Kutta, fellow has got a new fancy designation, Asst Commissioner, Income Tax with an IRS next to his name. Dude not yet satisfied, has determined to make it to IAS and waiting for his Prelims results for this year.

Kaykay, first chap from our gang to complete a PG. Completed D Ortho from JJMC Davangere and now working as an orthopaedician in Velacherry, Kerala. He has already started his hunt for a prospective bride. You know, that is another first for our gang.

Reddy, enjoying all the attention in BMC, being an Ortho PG. It is definitely a great feeling to snatch the most coveted PG seat (MS Ortho) in the same coll from where he graduated.

Kempa, Lady luck is deceiving him in PG entrances for quite some time now and we are hoping, this is just a wait before getting the best.

Beeyes, has settled in a PHC. He has almost metamorphosized into a Govt Medical Officer. But we wish him to come back and go through the gruesome phase of PG preparation. We are socialists and believe in equality. We don’t expect one to miss that ‘pain in *$%#’ phase and lead a comfortable life.

Dubbi, another ortho chap for our gang. Presently in final D Ortho in KMC Hubli. Enjoying the duties and of course, the mess food. We are sure he is missing all those colorful Telugu movies.

That is it. I hope to update information and write other nostalgic moments, travelogues, and get-togethers as and when I feel so. Purposefully I have refrained from using the actual names.

For Z gang


Anonymous prashanth said...

Good postings dude,
keep in touch
And do mention about me too, at some corner of ur blog :)

11:52 PM  
Anonymous seeji said...

@ Prashanth

Thanx for the reply... I would love to write a post on you..

12:28 AM  

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